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Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development Coaching (PDC) is designed for mid-level professionals or professionals beginning their careers. PDC aims to improve an individual's performance by leading them to own and maximize their performance; and to become continuous learners.

PDC begins with assessing the client's current state ("you are here") as it relates to their desired destination. In the process, the client's inner conversation is assessed and a strategy is established to transform the mindset to align with the who the professional wants to become. The assessment utilizes The Competence Cycle Model of Learning used by our partner Heuristic Learning for determining a learner's current competence level.

PDC is comprised of one-on-one sessions which are beneficial to a profesional who needs to customized professional development of hard or soft skills. PDC gives the professional the luxury of participating in their professional development planning to meet their short- and long-term goals. These one-on-one sessions can be scheduled to meet the needs of the professional and are available in-person or via telephone.

Coaching is about "learning" and is one of several learning methods for personal and professional development. Each learning method has its purpose and can be incorporated within a holistic personal/professional development plan.

PEP coaches are also instructors and facilitors who blend these skillsets to inspire and instruct our clients to unleash their potential by providing coaching and mentoring guidance.

Learning Method Coaching Mentoring Counseling
The Question: How? What? Why?
The Focus: Present Future Past
The Aim: Improving Skills Developing and committing to learning goals Overcoming psychological barriers
The Objective: Raising competence Opening horizons Building self-understanding
Table adapted from Clutterbuck D. and Schneider, St. (1998).
PEP coaching is strategic-focused, forward-thinking. PEP coaches work with clients on their current needs and their future goals.