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X-FACTOR Team Coaching

Welcome to X-FACTOR Team Coaching program. X-FACTOR now includes a focus on team execution and individual mindset. Execution and mindset are what separates high-performing teams from mediocre ones.

X-FACTOR Team Coaching Program is a comprehensive performance program that combines education and coaching (one-on-one and team). Traditional professional development typically only focuses on improving skillsets and omits mindset. While both are essential for success, mindset is more important especially for high-performance teams. X-FACTOR incorporates mindset development within its curriculum along with a focus on execution.

X-FACTOR is built upon our previous coaching model which has assisted high-stressed teams in health care, social services, and behavioral health services organizations. X-FACTOR is a transformative program that incorporates challenges to develop creative and strategic skills to build strategic acumen, agility, adaptability, resiliency, and a winning mindset. X-FACTOR retains the focus on developing agile teams.

X-FACTOR strengthens team bonding by clarifying the team’s vision, mission, and purpose; their value to the organization and stakeholders; and a roadmap for elevating team performance.

X-FACTOR focuses on

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Defining/refining team vision & purpose
  • Establishing team goals and accountability
  • Agility & Adaptability
  • Team Governance Framework
  • Delegating
  • Decision-Making
  • Winning Mindset
  • Health & Wellness

X-FACTOR may be the only team coaching model that integrates fundamental health & wellness practices (e.g. stress management) within its model. High-performing teams require healthy team members to thrive and sustain optimal team performance especially during chaotic and stressful times.

X-FACTOR can be customized and scaled to meet your organizational or specific team requirements.

PEP Team Coaching Model is an excellent for new project or department teams; teams with new leadership, or teams that require realignment or transformation.

X-FACTOR objective is to develop strategic, empowered, self-led, collaborative, innovative teams that are willing to experiment and fail. Achieving this requires integrated training that involves more than typical team coaching. Our model leverages knowledge and resources from our I M partners to uniquely develop high-performing, highly-motivated, agile teams. Our portfolio and network of resources makes PEP coaches the best available! Our coaches are committed to your team winning.

From X-FACTOR Creator:
X-FACTOR was designed based on many years of experience in the human potential industry as a consultant, coach, college instructor, corporate trainer, entrepreneur, and creator of numerous personal, professional, and organizational development programs.