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Professional Executive Program (PEP)

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Our PEP Talks begin with listening intently to our clients to clearly understand their desired vision and current challenges. This approach guides us to meet our clients where they are on their journey which allows us to better assist them in developing their personal and/or professional development plans.

PEP Talks encourage, educate, and empower our clients to take actions. PEP Talks do not promise you riches, or an abundant, blissful life. PEP provides you the tools and processes to actualize those things but you have to make it happen.

What separates PEP from other coaching services is that PEP is I M Possible brand family; and PEP's founder is professional life coach with additional coaching certifications, a former college instructor, corporate trainer, corporate and entrepreneur consultant, and entrepreneur. This gives PEP clients access to a portfolio of personal, professional, and organizational development resources and programs including health and wellness designed by someone with a powerful combination of development experience.

PEP Coaches utilize Level Up Thinking materials designed to align our client's mindset with their aspirations. Level Up Thinking is an I M company.


Your Vision

High-performing individuals begin with a vision, purpose, and their "why". PEP Coaches guide you in defining/refining your vision, finding your purpose, and articulating your "why".


Your Actions

High-performing individuals align their actions with their vision. PEP Coaches provide you the material, resources and guidance to determine the appropriate actions to realized your vision.

Are you ready for a PEP talk?

We are committed to positive transformation!

  • Executives

    PEP Executive Coaches assist senior-level executives with rebalancing their life.

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  • Professional

    Professional Development Coaching (PDC) is designed for mid-level professionals or professionals beginning their careers.

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  • Team

    PEP Team Coaching is designed to develop high-performing agile teams.

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  • Group

    PEP Group Coaching is designed for individuals within an organization that may share a common interest but may have different goals.

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  • Career

    PEP Personal Development Coaching is designed for individuals who need guidance in defining their personal goals, vision, and purpose; and establishing a plan of action.

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  • Entrepreneur

    PEP Entrepreneur Coaching is for new and seasoned entrepreneurs who can benefit from guidance, motivation, business coaching.

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  • E-in-R

    Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) is an experienced entrepreneur who serves as an on-site business coach and creative consultant to develop intra-preneurs within an organization.

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  • Kickstart

    Kickstart Coaching is for those who are unsure where to begin. PEP will meet you where you are and guide you to clarifying what you want to do and how to get there.

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Our Team

PEP Coaches are Professional, Experienced and Passionate with diverse experience and industry knowledge. PEP coaches may have different styles but we have a common vision and purpose which is to bring the best out of you. Our Coaches are experienced professionals in the following industries:

What makes us the best!

PEP is part of the I M portfolio (www.IMpossibleMall.com) of personal, professional, entrepreneurs, and business development services, products, and resources. PEP clients have access to the education and training; events, achievement books and materials; and I M networks. I M provides an end-to-end porfolio of development services and resources for continuous growth. I M designed to achieve improvement, change, and transformation.

Professional Executive Program
PEP is an I M Company
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